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metal band logo generatorLogos are used for identification purposes as well as for branding. These can be done in the form of texts, images or both. Logos are essential as these help increase public awareness for products or services linking it to a particular company. Branding is what gives your business the consistency and the strength needed for the growth and expansion. It also helps give a business the boost that it needs. In the case of personal branding, it helps to give you the confidence that you deserve.

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Band logos are used to create a unique kind of brand for different bands. Each band creates their band logo by making use of designs, letterings and colors to make their very own unique insignia. The band logos help the fans of the music band have a visual representation of their music idols.

Band Logo Generators

metal band logo designMaking band logos are easy these days thanks to the availability of different band logo generator programs on the internet. Some of these band logo generators are even free of charge. Examples of some types of metal band logo generators are:

The metal band logo design

There are different types of black metal logo generators. These come in the form of software packages. The following are some of the free death metal band logo generator programs online and some of their features:

Black Pixel

This helps you to install a single black pixel . One of its features include conserving energy.

Sothink Logo Maker or Generator

Another system software that is also a death metal band logo generator. It helps create a metal band logo easily with a powerful appearance.

Flaming Text

 A simple online logo generator that allows you to create a metal band logo design quickly using text. It also allows for the inclusion of images from its library. This is free for personal use, but comes with a small price for commercial use of logos.  


This easy to use design tool helps create various types of logos with ease. The simple tool is appropriate for all types of logos including metal band logo design.

Metal Radio Toolbar Generator

 As a metal band logo generator, this has the special feature of giving you the privilege of listening to any rock heavy metal, power metal, trash metal of your choice.

Cool Text Graphic Generator

death metal band logo generator

There is another free metal band logo design that is available online.  It is designed with lettering that can be downloaded into your computer system use. This makes it very easy to design a metal band logo since you will only need to enlarge the text to the size needed for the band logo. It also helps you to create an image that looks metallic after its design.

Adobe Illustrator

Another type of metal band logo maker, this graphics program allows  you to scale the design to whatever size needed. This is not to be confused with the Adobe Photoshop. However, it should be noted that this is not a free software.


A death metal band logo maker that is offered free of charge by the Adobe Illustrator which you can also use to design your band logo.


death metal band logo makerIt is always important that you create a logo for your band that best depicts your nature and music. The Death Metal Band Logo Generator will always help you create a unique visual representation of your band in the eyes of the public. It is something that they can use to associate your band with.


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