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Band Logo Maker examples:

Multi Logo

It’s true, almost anyone can create a logo…But the question is, should they? Your buddy, your brother, or maybe even your mom knows how to work Photoshop—and so do many talented graphic artists—but that doesn’t mean that they can create a logo that will capture your unique band sound and personality in a visual representation.

That’s where Band Logo Maker can help…

Logo Design By In-House, Musically Talented Graphic Artists

So how do we know what a good band or musician logo is? It’s our business. Each of our designers not only loves a wide variety of music genres, we are also musicians ourselves. That means, you’ll get a design that is up-to-date, and fits perfectly with your band’s style—from a person who understands the music industry.

Here is what you can expect when you work with Band Logo Maker:

  • Instant Image Enhancement – Your logo is the first impression many people will get from your band. We will make sure it is intriguing, it fits your band’s personality like a glove and it sticks.
  • Competitive Pricing With No Surprises – You pay just $67 for your logo, no matter how intricate you want it to be.
  • Fast Turnaround – You’ll get the first draft of your logo in just 7 days.
  • Multi-Purpose Design – Your finished logo will look good in color, as well as black & white, and will be high-res so it can easily be used for all printing and media needs.
  • Unlimited Revisions – We’ll work with you to get you exactly what you want. Need a change? Just ask and we’ll take care of it!
  • 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee – Don’t like the finished product? No problem. Just let us know and well give you your money back—guaranteed.

Don’t waste your time fooling around with trying to create your logo, and don’t leave it to someone who doesn’t understand the artistic flair a band needs. We’ll create a fresh, professional logo that will give your band the credibility it needs to succeed.

Amazing bands need an iconic logo. Be remembered.

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Band Logo Making: Music for the Eyes

One of the greatest musicians of today’s generation, Adele, once said that she makes music for the ears and not for the eyes which is very true for we really do hear music and not see them. However, truth be told, people’s sight are the very first medium of attraction.

Let us take as an example, the great band Guns N’ Roses, could you just imagine if they didn’t chose to have a simple logo in spite of their very complex, rock music?

First impression last. If you are a fan and you saw a logo that simple (even though you are a believer of the phrase simplicity is beauty!) you will have the idea that the band’s music is dull and boring. This instance can lead into a grave mistake: a fan mistook your genre because of your label, let us say he was seeking for an acoustic band while you are actually a metal rock band, he will be really dismayed and will not go on judging your music itself. Or, the worst is, having seen your boring label alone, a fan may just walk pass your band without minding listening to you.

If you are to start up a new band, aside from your songs and lyrics, you might want to consider a band logo maker. Your logo will be imprinted on all of your albums (hopefully!), thus, it will pretty much carry your band’s name and reputation along your raw music. Bear in mind that as musicians, you are also considered an artist, so you ought to have a sense of creativity in your label. Some of the ideal factors you would want to consider in creating your band logo will be the following: your band’s desired identity; your target market; your music genre; and of course, the most inevitable of all, your budget.

But how would you compromise with these factors if in creating you band logo? You should not consider this as a problem, for there are lots of ways to get a great band logo all around the web as of now that may help you get through. You can consider hiring a professional band logo maker, or trying your luck by creating one of your own.

1. Gimp Or Photoshop

This would be perhaps the most basic option you might want to consider. The benefit of using photoshop creative suites is that your imagination will be your only limit. You can go on using monochromes (black and white) to different 3d special effects to use for your logo; it is really up to you. The band Panic at the Disco has really created an excellent logo for we can all agree that they have established another perspective to the Joker font. Isn’t it that when we see something in the Joker font, perhaps one of their most famous songs will be playing at the back of our mind, and you shall dream you will have that effect too? However, the downside of this will come if you are not that proficient in using photoshop or if… your artistic mind lacks the creativity you need. But then again, in the era of a self-taught generation, you may find different useful tutorials and resources that may help you through your problem.

There are two leading brand  that should be used as a band logo maker. First, and probably the most famous of all, the Adobe Photoshop. Second and far less complicated (yet still as useful) will be GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program . Adobe is the one used by most professionals because of its multiple suites that may satisfy any of your needs. On the other hand, GIMP can make your work a lot simpler.

Here are two of the most useful links we have found that may help you doing your logo:

Adobe Photoshop CS6

60+ Beautiful Logo Design Tutorials and Resources

* For GIMP users:

Company Logo

2. Stock Images

Unlike using photoshop, making use of stock images around the web will be much easier. Stock images are for sale, ready-to-use photos that you may use on your logo. They offer graphics, clip arts, photos and other images that can be altered so that it may suit your band’s identity. Once you have bought the image from their system, you will have the complete freedom in doing anything to it. One of the best examples would be www., where Twitter bought the bird logo we are all seeing today! And just for 6$! Boy, perhaps that is only 0.000001% of their total revenue! And didn’t they bring a whole new perspective to birds because of their company logo?

Stock images site, like iStockPhoto, provides their client a wide array of options that will fit their budget. In this case, if you are a rock band that can wait no longer in doing your band logo yet you still don’t have that much budget, using stock images could be the best option for you! While waiting for the perfect image for your logo, you can make use of your time in improving your music, so that’s pretty much like hiring a professional to do the job.

3.  99 Designs (Crowdsourcing)
Choose from thousands of pre-made logos at, only $99! We’ll even add your business name free within 24 hours!

99 Designs build amazing logos for you through both crowdsourced design contests or pre-made logo store. Let us face the fact that hiring a professional and therefore expensive logo maker will be not that worth it since you will not require his service for a lifetime, or at least for the time of your band’s existence. Once you have had your logo, his job will be over, so it seems that you didn’t completely make use of your payment. This is one problem solved by They have come upon the idea of using random people’s creativity for their company logo. This sounds a bit fishy, but it is not. One of the methods crowdsourcing use will be contests. The company, or in this case, your band, will hold a contest open for all in band logo making. You will provide your criteria for judging and your design requests which will be the basis of the contestants. Of course, just like any other contests, you ought to give the winner a prize. The good thing about this is that you will have the complete freedom of choosing what prize your winner would get and at the same time, you get a decent, and quite literally an “award winning” band logo. Also, since you are indirectly bribing people through your contest’s prize, the competition can be considered as your band’s first promotion technique.

Start a Project now at – the #1 Marketplace for Crowdsourced Graphic Design

Those are just some of the possible options that may help you in coming up with a good logo for your band. It is up to you to decide what method you shall use in creating your visual label. However, there is only one major thing you should keep it mind: your band’s reputation. If you have worked hard on your music before launching it to the crowd, then why not work hard on your band’s logo as well? After all, it is your band itself that will benefit in your logo. So what are you waiting for? Go strum the strings and rock on with a metal band logo maker!

Find some examples of our logos below:

Logo-Tuff Ambassador-2

Haven Leech 3

Logo - Enter Jedi #2-1

Logo - Lock of the Renegades #2


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