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We specialize in logos for musicians. Designed exactly to your requirements. We'll ensure your new logo looks amazing on your t-shirts, album covers, stage banners, gig posters and anything else you may need. Dont get stuck with a boring, lame corporate logo. Take your band to the next level.

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Still have questions?

How many logos do I get as part of your service?

When you order the logo service your final product will be ONE (1) final logo, revised to your specifications, in a Final File Pack that contains the following formats: JPEG, PNG, PDF, EPS, and source AI or PSD file.  Your project may review a number of concepts or drafts, but the service output is only one final logo.   If you wish to use more than one of the concepts you may purchase others at a reduced cost – email sales@BandLogoMaker.com for details.

Who owns the rights to my band logo?

This is an excellent question and one we receive all the time.  When you choose your final version and BLM completes your band’s logo project we will upload a Final File Pack.  That will include your logo in several useful formats (PDF, JPEG, PNG, EPS, and the source AI or PSD file) and is available for you to download immediately.  Upon download, all rights to that logo transfer from BLM to you.  We don’t believe in holding your logo hostage – it’s just not how we operate.

If you would like to select more than one logo concept you may do so at a reduced cost.  They will be treated just as the primary logo choice – they can go through a revision process if necessary and will be provided in the same variety of file formats in their own Final File Pack.

Plesae note that all other materials in the Private Project Page – unselected logo concepts, layouts, art, etc. – remain the property of BandLogoMaker.com and BLM retains the exclusive rights to those materials.  BLM grants no rights to use these materials.

Can I get the Band Logo Maker to revise the design you create for me?

Absolutely. We offer unlimited revisions for 45 days.  The clock starts upon upload of initial concepts, so active participation from our customers is critical. There is no limit to the number of revisions – we’ll keep working on your logo until you say it’s right. Then we’ll send the Final Delivery Files and wind up the project.

Will Band Logo Maker develop a logo to my specific requirements?

Yes. Our designers create the logos to be a visual representation of your music and to fit your specific requirements, so each is a truly custom design. Your feedback is crucial and you will have direct access to our designer in a private online work room to help guide the process.

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This really is a risk-free, fast and easy way to get yourself an epic, custom-made band logo design at a fantastic price!